Kenneth Dée - Technology and Cybercrime Journalist

Kenneth Dée is a Belgian journalist at DPG Media, with a focus on cybercrime, new technologies, gadgets, hacking, privacy, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and investigative journalism. He reports for VTM NIEUWS and / Het Laatste Nieuws with over 15 years of experience in journalism.

Contact Information

You can reach him by his work e-mail: (replace 'firstname' and 'lastname' with his actual name).

Or if you want to send more securely, please use his Protonmail with the same structured address but ending in

NOTE: Kenneth prioritizes meaningful communication and may not respond to generic PR emails. He currently has over 52.555 unread messages as of 2/2/2024.

Physical Mail and Packages

To send a letter or package, find Kenneth at DPG Media HQ in Antwerp, Belgium:

Attn: Kenneth Dee
Mediaplein 1
2018 Antwerpen

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Ethical Hacking Policy

As journalists can be frequent targets of hacking, Kenneth welcomes ethical hackers to contact him if they find vulnerabilities in any of his accounts. Ethical hackers will not face prosecution provided they do not misuse, store, or leak any information.