26-06-2019 - 1 minute, 10 seconds -
  • official notice -

Dear miss/sir,

After several e-mails and phonecalls it's obvious that I lost trust in your company to be able to find a solution for the product (Lenovo Legion y740) that you delivered and that was send to you for repair after it broke prematurely. I also lost trust in the quality of your products and after sales and therefore am in no way interested in other solutions than a refund as mentioned before.

Please contact the seller of my device, (Cc), to confirm the refund so we can solve this as quickly as possible without further accumulated damages that will benefit my nor Lenovo's intrest but will result in an official claim. My goal is solely to get my funds back and to order a laptop of another brand to cover my needs and to make sure I can work again after weeks not being able to.

Please contact me to talk about the details of the refund procedure.

Otherwise I will have no choice but to pursue legal action against Lenovo this week as I have already mentioned in my last e-mail.

At the moment I don't have the device of Lenovo nor have I got the money back I paid (2140+ euro). That situation is not only inconvenient, it is in no way compliant with Belgian consumer law and exposes your company to legal action.

Sincerely, Kenneth Dée